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There’s never been an Amazon Seller tool that enables you to do so much, so well and so easily as Ecom Analytics does. And the extra money you earn with it will prove the point.
Now, for the first time, you’ll have the vital information, actionable insights and key data that give you the knowledge and power to increase sales and profits — while leaving your competitors wondering how you did it.

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Know more about your competitors’ products than they even know themselves.

Ecom Analytics gives you access to the holy grail of competitive information: data on each and every keyword, including clicks and sales.

In fact, you’ll see data about your competitors’ keywords that bring sales for each of their products. Knowledge like this is the ultimate competitive advantage.

And you’ll also know more about your own sales than ever before. So you can earn more than ever before.

The first and only Keyword Search tool that’s prioritized by relevance to your product.

No more guessing, hunting or scouring endless tables to identify which keywords will work best for your product.

Because now you’ll have Ecom Analytics’ proprietary — and indispensable — Keyword Priority Score that ranks keywords 1 to 5 based on their relevance not just to the product but also to actual sales. This gives you the most useful and profitable information you can have about specific keywords.

So instead of searching and guessing, you’ll be selling more and earning more.

Work with actual sales data, not with the estimated search volume your competitors are stuck with.

Here’s your new reality: Now you’ll have real sales data, thanks to Ecom Analytics proprietary, advanced tools that put actual, accurate and current data into your hands, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

Your competition, on the other hand, will continue to be hindered by inferior, incomplete estimated search data.

Because our Dynamic Rank Tracker out-performs all the others, your sales can, too.

While other platforms use daily or a limited form of hourly keyword ranking, the Ecom Analytics Dynamic Rank Tracker moves you light years ahead in the keyword tracking universe.

Here’s how: If the keyword ranking starts fluctuating, our advanced Dynamic Rank Tracker immediately responds by auto-tracking the keyword more frequently. This results in your having far more accurate — and useable — ranking information.

And this is information, of course, that your competition doesn’t have.

Our unique Daily Giveaway Calculator keeps your giveaway costs down, your rankings up, and your profits increasing.

Ecom Analytics developed the Daily Giveaway Calculator to accurately answer the question other platforms can’t: “How many products should I give away to get ranked for a specific keyword on the first page?”

Our proprietary Daily Giveaway Calculator provides that precise number because it knows the actual sales made through a specific keyword and the actual sales made by the top products for that keyword. Knowledge like that is worth its weight in gold.
So not only will you save money on fewer giveaways, you’ll also improve your ranking, and earn more income. Win. Win. Win.

Turn multi-tasking to a single task: Analyze multiple products, all at the same time.

Imagine the time you’ll save and the knowledge you’ll gain by being able to easily analyze Keyword and sales information on three, four, five or more products, all at the same time.

Whether it’s for your products or your competitors, or both, just enter the ASIN for each, click, and see all the information on all them. What could be easier?

It’s about time! Our years of Amazon data let you see seasonal demand and also select any specific range of dates you want.

Only Ecom Analytics mountains of historical Amazon data gives you this choice:

First, you can use it to easily see seasonal demand fluctuations, so you’ll be able to plan purchases and project sales accurately and profitably.

And second, beyond seasonality, you can select whatever range of dates you want, enabling you to see the sales for each keyword in each week in that range. So you’ll know when sales took off, when demand peaked, and when it trended down.

Invaluable knowledge like this, and all the other insights, data and information that await you with the Ecom Analytics tool are just a click away.

And soon, you’ll know more, sell more, and earn more than ever.

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Identify profitable opportunities, perform accurate keyword
research, boost your organic rankings